ABE/FIA at half cost – BIG introductory offer

Introductory offer

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Practical Financial Management for the Small Business Short Course

Practical FM Ad

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Paths to MBA

Path to MBA

April 2014: Join at any entry point if you wish to pursue MBA

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Business Management – 10% off on tuition fees

Business Management Ad

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ABE now available at East Coast College

ABE June

ECC is pleased to announce the ABE range of qualifications starting June 2014.

This is yet another addition to the prolific line up of accreditations that the College has after BTEC and ACCA. The ABE suite of qualifications is a very popular path to institutions of higher learning, and ECC promises to offer the same personalised teaching it has been offering to other students in the past. Smaller classrooms, greater teacher attention and focussed learning in a suitable environment, will make ABE a popular choice for students and skilled professionals.

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Uhuru Walk and Treasure Hunt 2014


Inspirational message banners were put up through out the route to motivate walkers at the just ended Uhuru Walk.

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Late registration discounts

Late registration discounts

ECC is delighted to announce to students and professionals who could not beat the regular deadline to join courses of their interest, that a late registration discount drive has been initiated.

Courses that are listed above will be offered at a lower cost without any compromise on the content material that has been issued before and adequate tutor support will be offered.

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Unique Opportunity for young professionals

Leading a Team Ad

The idea behind a nation’s professionals driving the economy is an important one. But unless a platform is provided for a serious exchange of views and ideas to represent the true aspirations of a people, little can be expected in terms of forward change.

Here is an opportunity for young professionals to attend this session and present to others their view of leading teams – which obviously is the right way forward. At the same time, listening to others also give their thought will allow the conclusive preparation of recommendations to top business and social leaders.

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Bring hope to an orphan’s life…

Uhuru Walk 2014 Eflier

The East Coast College in collaboration with the New Life Orphans Home (NLOH) embarked on a project to raise funds for learning programs for orphaned children at the centre. Using personal approach and social media, students of ECC as well as other private colleges grouped to raise funds through a charity walk (to be held on 2nd February 2014).

Major donors include: Cello Industries, Jacky’s (Tanzania) Ltd, Brand House, Continental Pharma Enterprises, Divecha Associates, Vision IT, Anisuma Traders, Tembo Technologies, Vending Services, Darling Cosmetics and Msimbazi Eye Centre.

The event was supported by DTP, Colours, Sir Speedy, Tiba Healthcare Hospital, M&M Signs, CTV, Win Cable, Visual Applications, Dar Insights, SokoniAdvertiser and Hatimi Business Consultants.

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Master the Art, Overcome the Barrier

Master the art

A specialised course in Communication Skills and Public Speaking for individuals of any age who wish to make an impact through their excellent communication skills.

Studies reveal that this particular skill is amongst the top skills that employers demand when taking someone new on their team, and so perfecting this skill is always going to work to one’s advantage.

The course is facilitated by Mohamedarif Suleman, renowned for his public speaking abilities. He has not only trained several young people over the last 15 years, but has also compiled a manual on public speaking which he uses in his classes even today.

This course comes in a 2-month format – 2 classes per week of 2 hours each, but timetables at ECC are usually flexible to allow applicants to the course get maximum advantage.

Application Form is TShs. 10,000/- for adults. Course fee is TShs. 200,000/-

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